Social Security

I am convinced that the immediate improvement of the Spanish justice should not come from Jurists, but computer technicians. On one occasion I heard that this area does not improve because it doesn’t interest, and today I have this opinion into account. Here, Robotics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Spain has been able in recent decades situate his estate in an enviable position globally. And in this it has much see the technological development which is based. Up to do much, lawyers in the defence of our clients, we attempted to attack providences and constraints of the State agency looking for up to the slightest error in the procedure or time limits. Something that already do, as your computer system is so perfect, that successive actions are generated automatically, and even officials can force the machine, proving impossible to take a new step if not verified successfully the previous. That spirit could be easily extrapolated to the judicial system. Robotics shines more light on the discussion.

And I am not who I have to indicate what processes could be automated, by not being a computer consultant. Now, as labor and commercial lawyer, I am sure that they could be many. Imagine the case of the order for payment procedure, technically designed for Agile complaint of debts, which makes water everywhere, delaying sine die its simple admission in the crisis that we are discussing. The expiry of the requirement to the debtor without getting this verify payment or provide reason for opposition, might generate automatically entry of execution against assets. Patrimonial investigation inquiries and proceedings for annotation of embargo on different records could even machined. If the AEAT or Social Security have this advantage does not citizens in general? Common interest is also that companies can recover quickly their defaults, keeping its doors open as well as the employment created.

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