Windows 7 Dreamscene

Windows 7 DreamScene you dream about an opportunity to make your desktop background something more attractive than other images? Would you like as your desktop background to use video or slide show of selected images? If 'yes', then you are lucky. In Windows DreamScene available. Thanks to a program for Windows DreamScene desktop background can install the standard Windows DreamScene videos or own video in a manner similar use of conventional images. DreamScene – The extension interface Windows, which allows you to put video files as desktop wallpaper, and this is exactly the same as normal installation of wallpaper. Infinity Windows DreamScene animation is achieved by using special looped video, such as swaying grass, falling raindrops on the water or a burning fire. Installation: open the file: Windows7-DreamScene.exe (located in the archive), follow the instructions and you're done! Download: To set dreamscene on the desktop: Select your favorite file (available for download on this site), then right click and choose Set as Desktop Background.

rezultatom.Vot admire some video files (you can download them at:) Mechanism Nice Animated wallpaper with the image of the mechanism of how the clock. Download: Fairy tree is very unusual, beautiful tree. By flying everywhere lights. As in a fairy tale. Download: The rain is very beautiful animated picture with the falling drops Rain.

One can endlessly enjoy this dreamscene. Download: Autumn Beautiful autumn leaf fall. Download: Fairy Tale mill house with a chimney and flying butterflies and lights. Mesmerizing. Download:

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