Suburban Design

Do you remember the 1950 Suburban? Well, maybe not, but the Chevrolet HHR 09 would be the perfect replica of our time. It has that retro line which makes it unmistakable and more than one has fascinated him. Dynamism and functionality are the main features of this car that quickly became the novelty. Its exterior design is innovative, but at the same time, preserves the image of the 1950s Suburban. This car is added with headlights of halogen, its aggressive front central grille with the logo Chevrolet, a new design for 17 inch wheels in chrome, fascias to the body color, wipers front intermittent speed, electric side mirrors to the body-color sensitive folding manually. And its interior design is no less impressive, since it has a new ECOTEC 2.4 l four cylinder engine with ability to work with ethanol, electric defroster in medallion, information center to the driver, its Stabilitrak system, ABS, electronic control brakes traction and tire pressure sensor. In addition, a sound system with mp3 and USB input; also a rear seat split flip-up section, among other many innovations. Only Chevrolet makes retro fashion and we prove it with the Chevrolet HHR. Original author and source of the article.

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