Success Project

Determined the optimal solution, based on anticipated production and nomenclature. Work with suppliers on the analysis of infrastructure requirements and utilities. Dermot McCormack has compatible beliefs. At our practice was not the case when the lending institutions were interested in the choice of equipment. This question is to rely experience of the Borrower. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well. But to us quite often turn units of the collateral. For various reasons, or equipment, or a ready-made production becomes the property of the lender.

And here is question of liquidity equipment / production. At our practice, there were cases when it became clear that manufactured products does not pass under the Russian construction standards. Can not be used in Russia. This meant that the plant, which as collateral transferred to the lender, not worth a dime. Now on the various customs and industrial sites is a huge amount of equipment that lenders can not sell for several years. Liquidity of the project, and so more liquidity various components of the project in case of unsuccessful implementation was not considered. Relevance of the analysis equipment is not determined solely by its liquidity.

Size of error associated with an inadequate choice equipment, can be crucial to the success of the business project during implementation. Third, it is the only actual supply on three areas of preparation of investment projects in industry – market research, analysis and selection of equipment, analysis of financial performance. Fourth, well-established for many years, the system can work to reduce the cost of works associated with the preparation investment project.

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