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Setting of the image is actually not even depend on the parameters of the projector, and the quality of its setting and the convenience of the mechanisms and organization of this process in favorites product, so pay special attention to this point. There are five basic parameters to be set up in projectors for home theater: brightness (brightness), contrast (contrast), color (color / saturation), hue (tint / hue), clarity (sharpness / detail). Particularly attentive vendor is to set the projector at the stage of production, so a preset will be very useful. However, it often happens that the pre- modes are "cut-eye, and in this case is useful ability to manually adjust the picture settings. Keystone you are not able to install the projector at a right angle to the screen Pay attention to the geometric image correction. The fact is that when the projector is set at an angle to the axis of the screen, the image goes slightly deformed, gaining a trapezoid shape.

Just for "Leveling" of such images, and apply algorithms keystone correction. It is best if the projector will attend a function digital keystone correction, not only horizontally but also vertically, as this will enable the projector to the side of the screen, for example, on a shelf in a closet, and get with the undistorted rectangular image. UpravlenieUdobnost control – a very important factor. The main means for controlling the projector is an infrared remote control that comes with each model. Wholly or partially control functions are duplicated on the control panel, located on the body of the projector itself, but each time to run to the projector – not very convenient. Often a number of management functions can be accessed only by remote control, so the convenience of the location of buttons on the remote and the ergonomics of the remote control, pay special attention. Factor otborS theory more or less finished, so it's time to move on to the practice – Review of specific models. In this article we have selected seven of theatrical projection, the "age" of less than 1 year (counting from the date of announcement of the device manufacturer). In addition, we made a "discount" on the economic situation, and therefore have limited the cost of devices – their price does not exceed 3,000 dollars or 100,000 rubles.

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