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Refrigerator Manufacturers

In theory it's pretty simple, but in practice, faced with a set of models from different manufacturers, you can simply get confused. And so it did not happen, you need to know about the features and basic functions refrigerator at … Continue reading

Interior With Light

Since then, as in 1870 the year of electric light bulbs come into our lives, our homes have changed beyond recognition. Fixtures are so important in creating an interior that it is simply impossible to overestimate. Changes in lighting can … Continue reading

Security System Smart Home

Many smart home is associated with a luxurious mansion, where the entrance do not have to fumble on a wall in search of the switch – just slap his hands, and the light turns on by itself. From the place … Continue reading

Unique Aqua System

* The maximum guarantee on all washing machines, implemented from 1 July 2003, the warranty for 2 years. With this, Bosch confirms a reputation for impeccable quality technology and highest reliability. * Unique System Aqua-Stop – a guarantee against leaks … Continue reading

Projectors Home

Today, the situation changed the other way around. In the segment of large diagonals already superb plasma tv at a very affordable price. The operating principle of a plasma panel based on the special glow of the phosphors, located in … Continue reading

Home Projectors

Setting of the image is actually not even depend on the parameters of the projector, and the quality of its setting and the convenience of the mechanisms and organization of this process in favorites product, so pay special attention to … Continue reading