Security System Smart Home

Many smart home is associated with a luxurious mansion, where the entrance do not have to fumble on a wall in search of the switch – just slap his hands, and the light turns on by itself. From the place where the rooms for half an hour before the arrival of the hosts obediently start to run air conditioners and electric oven in the kitchen just to the specified time chicken, meat or fish for dinner. It seems that this house, in something resembling a fairy palaces of the Thousand and One Nights ", and afford it, of course, only a fantastically wealthy. However, it is actually not quite true. "Smart House" – a collection of different systems to make life more comfortable and safer, and installing them can not only in a private house, but in any of the typical apartment high-rises.

Of course, this is not something that can be purchased with wages, put in a bag and bring home. However, if you seriously consider buying a "smart home", remember: considerable material costs will be repaid as soon as possible. Firstly, because it was in the apartment or cottage you will be an order of magnitude more pleasant and convenient. Secondly – life would be far more safe and secure. About security systems, "smart home" I would like to talk separately. And the subject is not without reason has become so urgent: fires, failures in the systems of water supply and deficient security systems cause serious material losses. According to the moe and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in this country for three months is about 50, 5,000 fires, most of which are recorded in the residential sector.

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