The Consciousness

To do this, do not need to put to sleep man. And waved under the nose of the pendulum is not needed. There are many effective ways to prompt the introduction of a trance. One way – overloading of consciousness through the phrase, consisting of speed of visual, auditory and kinesthetic range. This phrase "Closes" consciousness to "digest" interpretation of the things and allows you to invest directly in the subconscious mind suggestion unnoticed by the victim. Example sentence: "You probably guessed that yesterday's weather is so influenced by my neighbors, which could be heard as they rustled up all night talking on the phone and slowly drank orange juice, ringing transparent wine glass. " Rapidly uttering such gibberish, forcing the consciousness to understand it, you can do the right suggestion.

The second way – the so-called extreme attack on the mind. The essence of the process – the rapid creation of an unusual and illogical for a man of the situation. The main thing – to catch people off guard. For example, the approach to smoking victim, slowly pull the cigarette from his mouth, slowly tighten and as slowly return back to the cigarette. Or for unhurried conversation man suddenly grabbed his hand from behind and pulled down. There are many options. The result of such Action – short (2-3 seconds), trance, during which time any suggestion is made (listen to me to sleep give the money ). The third way – an overload of one of the channels of perception.

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