The Features Of The Nintendo Wii

With the release date for the Nintendo Wii game console, the term will probably redefined. First, the Nintendo Wii is of course all have something to offer in the circle of the seventh game consoles Generation is typical, these are excellent graphics and performance thanks to the cooperation with IBM and ATI graphics chip for the “Hollywood” and the Power PC processor “Broadway” is now no vision of the past remain. Like the other video game consoles this generation, it can be 16 * 21 * 4 cm dimensions both vertically and horizontally positioned optimally. For the year 2007 have been announced more than 100 Nintendo Wii games. This guarantees the players a large selection. But Nintendo has a few aces up its sleeve significant, the in comparison to other consoles. The controller, whose secret was long preserved, is cordless, that is, it works over WLAN, and will only be operated with one hand.

This operation does not run like traditional consoles by pressing a button, but now, thanks to motion sensors and a Positioning of lift, lower, rotate and tilt the gamepad. Another clear point a Nintendo home security through the menu guide. Everything is divided into so-called “Wii Channels”. These are can be arranged at will and can easily add features. In this context, also shows the advantage of already is typical of the seventh generation of game consoles, the Internet, over which the Nintendo Wii has also do. Wi-Fi, or alternatively via a USB adapter, so you can compete against players from around the world, relate useful information such as weather forecast, a news ticker or simple things like the time directly from the Internet. The selection of features is large, a weather map is available in 3D as we know it from the computer software Google Earth. What the Nintendo Wii still stands out particularly from its competitors is its backward compatibility to previous models.

Is called the whole “Virtual Console” and offers the possibility of games for the Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo 64 and even download the Sega Mega Drive through a channel from the Internet. The games will be stored directly to disk. The competition from the Wii’s like the Playstation 3 offer similar functions. Who can say at the end in the highly competitive market will tell.

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