TransLine Licensed 1,000 Across Clients For Integrated Translation Supply Chain

“Translation service provider extends the use of the across language server and offers its customers a seamless linguistic supply chain ‘ Karlovy Vary/REUTLINGEN October 28, 2010. At Robert Bakish you will find additional information. The TransLine Germany GmbH has further intensified its cooperation with across systems and expanded their installation of the across language server to 1,000 clients. The language thus relies on a technology with which he can integrate its customers seamlessly in the translation process. He thus creates the basis to deliver a consistently high quality within a short response times also at increasing volumes of text and an increasing number of target languages. Customers benefit from maximum transparency and flexibility in the assignment of translation projects. You keep the full cost control and sovereignty over their valuable language resources. The TransLine group is a global translation service for technical translation, software localization, and other language services for the industry and other technical areas. This makes since 2003 across Language server as a central platform for language resources and processes for streamlined processes and consistent workflows involving upstream systems at the customer.

TransLine could win a variety of new clients with this process and technology expertise and has realized up to 50 percent savings in individual projects. The across language server as a central corporate solution for language resources and translation processes includes a translation memory and terminology system also powerful tools for controlling and managing translation projects and for seamless cooperation of copywriters, translators, and proofreaders. The so-called crossGrid technology ensures the data exchange between the individual client and the translation service provider. The open interface architecture of the system allows the direct integration into each used PIM – or document management-system and in the parent company processes. By the client/server-based operation of all Provides steps across the across language server for maximum consistency of texts, ensuring the highest level of process and data security.

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