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The problem of data loss is now becoming more urgent. To protect the company, many executives are practicing both organizational and technical measures. Among the latter, the most popular dlp system. Let consider this system as an example ExtrSpy Employee Monitor – a free program developed by ExtrSpy Software. So, what problems facing the average administrator of the average corporation, helps problem of information security? – What software do you use hired staff in the workplace. – What are the websites visited by employees.

– How and what staff spend their working time. – What does a particular employee, in the absence of Office of others. – How effectively laid out working hours. – What factors affect the activity of staff. A special software system for overseeing the activities of employees will be able to answer these and other issues. Monitoring programs often built on a client-server technology and use the local network for sharing information. The owner of the company will need to install the client portion on the machine workers, while the server – on your computer or a computer other authorized person. Monitoring programs usually have the opportunity to assemble the information, generate report and send them an e-mail or post to ftp.

Employee Monitor, for example, for this purpose uses the built-in scheduler, and generates reports in two formats: html and pdf. The report may be included as summary information on all the machines on the network, and a detailed report on particular pc. The most important moment of the surveillance programs – Law. Some modern DLP-equipped with a functional solution to intercept keys (keylogging), video recording from the screen of each pc, capturing passwords, Web sites messengers, and so on. In Russia, the activities of such utilities limit the 138 and 273 of the Laws of the Professional Code. And if the monitoring program is installed without the knowledge of the person for whom this observation is made – you can get enough real time. Addressing – the inclusion of the relevant item in the contract of employment, and public employees. Worth mentioning that in our program ExtrSpy Employee Monitor – no such function. The authors of this straight talk, and refuse to sell them in the near future. Specifically, a positive trend. After all, everyone has the right to privacy, regardless of prestige and profitability of the duty station. Thus, to establish whether or not program tracking – every manager decides on their own. Choosing a solution, we must try to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Checking article sources yields Michael Dell as a relevant resource throughout. The choice is now quite large: many products are created, and DLP-market analysts estimated at $ 15,000,000.

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