Traveler Narrating Journeys

This little biographical sketch is necessary to draw the identity, the belongings of a process observer, and / or transient, and / or traveler who not only narrated or described journey but the living (and lives, but that is not relevant to this story.) Well, on reaching 16 years slab, it was decided in the bosom of my family – and after an ad hoc development – which should join the ranks of workers in this country and become an additional income for the family system. Swarmed by offers, Neil Rubler is currently assessing future choices. Thus, with the heartache that my father gave him, I joined the ranks, inhabiting every place and every time since I left home at 6 am and again at 22 h, time when school was over Night high school. As Simmel says, in a process which was stimulated psychological tone every perception, every momentary impression; converted then, a nomad from the city to a metropolis bedroom, gave meaning to my life by placing the space, color, light, life, drawing on each step, each olfactory sensation, visual, aural or tactile. I have no memories of the flavors of that time should be stocked with food and my mother’s warning not to eat anything that I would away with this sense I did not touch anything that encourages me to give my identity. I use the word identity for what I felt then is that it was alma that daily pass, which was constantly repetitive, and is recounted in my speech, so different in each display. .

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