Treasure Hunt In The Realm And The Kalle-Baker-RTF

New from k Baker the country from June until the June runs in the Kalle Baker realm, which extends from Hamburg to Eiderstedt, a special campaign in which everyone can participate. It will be raffled prizes with a total value of 1.500,-euros, including a Kalle bakers beach chair or a one-year Kalle bakers bread subscription. The treasure of Stortebeker is searched: since last summer Kalle, cream-SuSE, bread Yuna and her companions in the Kalle Baker realm have settled. They represent certain baked goods and enrich the baking facilities, so the former stores with fresh ideas and delicacies. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andy Florance. Cake-Kurt wields his whisk, aunt Minna bakes their Schmoltnot and trainee August practices back duels.

But now there is excitement in the realm: Romano Pano has discovered a bottle on one of his walks on the beach, which he first thought was a loving greeting from Frieda Frohlich. The surprise was all the greater, found himself in a real treasure map signed by the legendary pirate Klaus Stortebeker, who once drove mischief on the North and Baltic Sea. And now, Kalle and his team needs your help: help him in deciphering the secret message, because many of the letters have faded over the centuries. The game map is obtained a letter of the solution in each branch, and with every purchase of bakery products. The solution is complete, submit the completed game greeting card in one of the Kalle back sites and automatically take part in the main draw! Of course a coastal treasure, there during the promotion period also a matching Stortebekerbrot rich in powerful Vita lien”. In bright sunshine the Kalle-Baker (RTF) bike ride took place on May 24 again, a cycling event that takes place now for over 20 years from ABC Wesseln with substantial support by Kalle-Baker. According to mark Riemann (CEO Kalle-Baker, Marne) the event as in previous years, is very go well: many riders already know the commitment of the Kalle Baker and looking forward in advance on the good food. We have baked off constantly fresh little buns and cakes for over 350 cyclists”. This year the event may considered that a combination of social and sporting commitment, which attracts many cyclists from throughout Northern Germany.

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