Visual Arts

What are visual arts? Ask a teacher: he’ll tell you – visual arts will create in you the need to reappraise the game as a teaching strategy for a better quality education and learn the subject content significantly. The game should be a teaching strategy of the faculty, by which children acquire mathematical concepts and procedures as a valuable tool for social and cultural development of individuals and peoples. From the area: From his undoubted organizational and dynamic conditions offer a wide variation of situations to try to develop intellectual and practical skills that enable them to operate with the reality from the reflexive action and implementation of novel strategies to the problems resolved, it is necessary to determine what actions be addressed to make the educational process essential bases: development of critical thinking,accuracy and precision of language, constant search for alternative solutions, genuine implementation of strategies, incorporation of the technological world as facilitator of the power tool of reflective thinking and the scope, a genus of recreational experiences. From the contents: the contents along the time, have varied in their social significance as in the strategies to develop the processes that lead to its incorporation as well as cultural and everyday practice. These are the foundation of quality education appropriate to the requirements that now demands we face personal, cultural, social and economic in the broad national and international space while respecting the diversity among jurisdictions and schools, helping to strengthen the necessary unit of the federal education system. .

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