What’s wrong with our education system?

A general education is unlikely to deliver the necessary tools for each child to develop their strengths appropriately. The Traditional education often focuses too much on the weaknesses of their students in order to “level” with their peers. 3. Providing moral and financial support in their individual projects. By giving a child the space to pursue their own interests, your creativity will emerge and soon expressed his desire to take on a project itself. In our case were countless projects they occurred.

From a simple cake with marzipan to a hydroponic culture, a house and a water rocket. Instead of shutting down their enthusiasm and think of a thousand reasons for not going to be, it is better to embrace this opportunity and inspire them in their ideas with moral and financial support, if necessary. 4. Find good mentors. At first the most important mentors are parents. However, as the child grows, it is important to enable them to be together with experts in the area of interest they can bring more knowledge and experience than us. A good example is the case with our oldest daughter has always shown a great interest in numbers and had been working for two months as an apprentice to a “Trader” successful action in Miami, Florida. 5.

Instead of buying so many toys and video games, it is better to buy the tools to create something on their own. A good tool box or a “kit” of painting or embroidery are gifts that will stimulate the creativity of our children. A good example of this is our second daughter, who is an artist and showed an early passion for photography. Have our full support during his adolescence and bought several cameras, in addition to the Photoshop software. As a result, she had her own website at age 17 in which she offered photography services and graphic design. Today is 19 and has a large portfolio of customers despite still not having a college degree. 6. Playing games with them like Monopoly finance and Cashflow from an early age. Children learn by playing. What better way to educate them the area of finances to make sure they know to manage and multiply money well for the future? You can supplement this part of education with them reading books R. Kiyosaki and inviting them to participate in the management of money you make as a parent. 7. Attend conferences and courses with their teens. One of the most powerful ways to teach is to learn along with them.

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