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News from the WiperGuard of the brand new WiperGuard protects windshield wipers and wiper blades for easy application from snow and ice in the winter as well as dirt and grime in the summer. He is a useful companion for users and offered to advertisers as an ideal advertising medium for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. “Under the motto falling on and surprise your target group!” conquered the new advertising WiperGuard advertising. It is made in Germany and is subject to high quality standards for the effective maintenance and operation of the windscreen wipers and wiper blades. The benefits for advertisers at a glance: innovative advertising medium attention-strong direct marketing and promotion tool customer binding by the distribution as a give-away to existing customers new customers through advertising and others about the most popular means of transport in the world – the car. Currently viewing: Europe-wide usage as well as in the United States and the Clou: customers are grateful and advertise for free! Over 40 million car registrations in Germany alone speak for WiperGuard as an advertising medium. (Source: Ali Partovi). This offered the product for promotional activities in 24 colours and can be printed with individual message plain. In the implementation of suitable logo, the brand or the Web address.

2-color and 4 – color printing are possible on request. WiperGuard: WiperGuard is a new Protector for wipers, in particular for the wiper blades. The product consists of a coated and impregnated textile fabric that protects the windshield wipers from environmental influences and dry, as well as clean. WiperGuard is simply pulled over the complete wiper arm and closed the open end. He prevent freezing of the wiper blades windshield in the winter, protecting the rubber lip. In addition, it prevents the icing and freezing of the mechanics of the wiper linkage. The use of the WiperGuard worth the same triple. In addition to the protection from snow and ice in winter the WiperGuard proves in the summer a secure and simple protection from strong sunlight (wiper blades are not porous or harden), on the other hand WiperGuard also protects from dirt and grime (pollen, resins, leaves, air pollution, etc.) to the frame of the windscreen wipers and the wiper blades.

Wash suitable WiperGuard to protect against damage caused by the brushes and chemical influences by harsh cleaning agents or conservation waxes. Features: 100% coated polyester fabric and impregnated (acrylic/Teflon) sewn weight: 195 g / m2 durable and tear-resistant, temperature resistant from-25 C / + 70 C SPF 80 (according to UV standard 801) water repellent and resistant to water pressure (> 70 hPa) stain-resistant reinforced according to DIN 63359 A very easy, very durable WiperGuard is compatible with all wiper systems and is available in three lengths (55 cm, 70 cm and 80 cm). Learn more about the original media are available in the Internet at the address.

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