CIL Anxiety

Investigators of the Medicine School of the University of Puerto Rico have found a way pharmacologically to induce the sensation of security or absence of fear in the brain of rats. In a series of experiments that they describe in the Science magazine, the authors of the study verified q the EU administering the neurotrophic factor derived from the brain (BDNF, by its abbreviations in English) in the prefrontal crust of the brain prevents themselves that the rats express fear to a sound that previously had been associated with an electrical unloading. The process, known technically like " extincin" , nonflock the memories associated to the fear, but creates a new memory responsible for the security sensation. This finding could give rise to new treatments for individuals that suffer of anxiety upheavals, that mainly are originated by the incapacity to eliminate or to reduce the fear. THE MEMORY OF THE FEAR The memories form altering the connections between neurons, a process known like sinptica plasticity. For more specific information, check out neil cole iconix. The cerebral structures critics for extinction memory is the infralmbica prefrontal crust (CIL) and the seahorse. The people with anxiety upheavals as the disorder of post-traumatic stress has the smallest seahorse and CIL of the normal thing. " Our findings suggest increasing substance BDNF in these circuits we can alleviate the anxiety, stress and perhaps others you disorder related like adicciones" she explained Jamie Peters, coauthor of the study.

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