Max Weber

This work constitutes an analysis of the weberiana metodolgica theory, with special attention the way as Max Weber cheated to create a social science that searched the substratum subjective of the social phenomena, the call comprehensive sociology. The objective is to see as Weber faced the possibility of ' ' objetividade' ' joined to its project of comprehensive sociology. In this direction, it is treated to reconstitute the metodolgicos teachings of this author to think the possibility of a sociology ' ' objetiva' ' of the subjectivity. What he is evidenced is that Weber obtained to create a science ' ' objetiva' ' inside of its conception of objetividade and inside of the general picture of its ontolgicas and epistemolgicas reflections. Abandoning, as it made, the totality idea, assimilating the vision of whom science aims at to search a knowledge partial of the reality, is possible yes a science ' ' objetiva' ' as it considered.

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