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Our happiness depends, too often, the satisfaction of needs that no social order can serve.4 However, if unable to get a fair system we can devise one that aspire to a system that determines safety to those who enter their sphere of decision and those who give that system dynamics are appropriate enough to legitimize its decision. In this respect the demands of the society determined that, between the approaches that calls for the society as a whole can be indicated on the following general lines: 1. greater Celerity and efficiency in compliance with procedural deadlines, 2. establishment of mechanisms for greater accessibility to the judicial service, 3. greater honesty, impartiality and transparency in the processes driving and in the formulation of judicial decisions4. greater uniformity of sentencing in similar cases, criteria, and requirements of the jurisdictional function, 1.

Legitimacy of the appointment, 2. Functional independence, 3. Stability in Office, 4. Charging reasonable procedural 5. 2.2 Qualities and qualities of the magistrate: 2.2.1. tica of the virtues: the virtues are acquired, intellectual and ethical provisions? Intellectuals: Excellence of thought, acquired through teaching and pertaining to the excellence of our rational capacities. tica:excelencia of the character, are ways of being that they acquire by habit and repetition of virtuous acts, them shape and mould our usual of being.

Moral education: Training for what is required to acquire a skill and training acquired knowledge but also virtues both the character and intellect. do 2.2.2.? tica of principles:? The categorical imperative: the principles or moral laws are of universal validity mandates that the subject is likewise doing exercise of their moral freedom and that must be respected without exceptions. 2.3. Proposal for a Council National judiciary 6: * moral virtues: loyalty: responsibility towards justice, act with honesty and legality, according to the provisions of the rules and the reality. Veracity: Act with objectivity and accuracy according to the verified facts probity: acting with moral integrity and honesty, seeking justice in decisions.

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