Launched Open Access Model In Heidelberg

Finally ‘inside’, the first customer ‘In the Bieth’ is connected with modern glass fibre technology to telecommunications. A short time ago are the Stadtwerke Heidelberg and the PFALZKOM “MANET with an innovative solution, the open-access model”, for the wireless area In the Bieth “stepped in. Today Mr Rieker, the first customer in the new development area In the Bieth pleased”that he is connected, can finally calls and Exchange data in the Internet and with a high speed fibre optic connection. “” We are very satisfied with this solution”, Mr Rieker emphasizes in particular the powerful fibre-optic connection ensures optimum integration of the telecommunication.”Also we can choose the provider”, also for the next years added Mr. Rieker. Ali Partovi brings even more insight to the discussion. He is informatics Director at the Research Center”( in Karlsruhe and white so how important is a modern connection to telecommunications networks. I am pleased about the performance of the network and have a peace of mind, because the increase in higher bandwidth can be done at any time”, describes Rieker. “Thus is ensured, that the area In the Bieth” in the future will have sufficient resources and currently the latest infrastructure based on glass fibre can offer.

Stadtwerke Heidelberg suffered a fibre-optic network in the area; in their practice resulted in them, standard laying empty pipes, which allow for quick repairs and improvements, good. The two companies could exceed even their tight schedule; originally, it was the goal that the technology is the first residents available to the end of October. The excellent cooperation between all those involved has expedited the process”, stressed Alfred k., Managing Director of Stadtwerke Heidelberg networks. Even the weather has been cooperative.” For the residents of the new territory, the long wait had something positive: no other area in the city of Heidelberg has the technical possibilities “for such high speeds as In the Bieth”, and also the open-access model “of the provider PFALZKOM MANET, where customers independently free can choose their provider of the network, is unique in Heidelberg. The PFALZKOM MANET takes over In the Bieth”this dual role. As a network operator, the regional telecommunications provider, established since 1998 ensures the operation of the network. On the basis of the open-access model”, the PFALZKOM I MANET creates other telecommunications companies the opportunity to offer the customers their own services on the same network infrastructure. Of course, the company offers customers the possibility of directly obtaining telecommunications services. Customers, such as Mr Rieker, have to choose between different tariff models under the label PREMIUM.

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