Mobility Means Real Time

Connections are the future of communication Paderborn (Germany) 26 October 2010: the future of communication is connections. This means that mobility equals real time. The communication world is shifting from disconnected to connected, making people to not only list or receive, but to live conversation, making the change from isolated to social. Local mobile real time is connecting the world. Taking into account that today’s mobile phones are more powerful than the best computer have been just ten or twenty years ago, mobile network operators can be happy that the possibilities to generate value from those connections are amazingly large.

Thanks to recent technology achievements, we are better connected than mankind has ever been before. Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers real time based solutions, meeting future mobility needs. Evolution of mobility mobility has evolved from devices that were adored, thus making device manufacturers dominating the market. Today we are experiencing how applications are driving the industry applications and media stores generate revenues which no. one has ever dreamt of before. Trying to take a look into the future, we can see a connected social generation.

Complex end-to-end experience involving personalized offerings will be what tomorrows users are looking for. Mobility will generate revenue from a wide range of additional services like context, advertising, application and services. Context as social relationship despite many new device types entering the market, smartphones will remain the dominant mobile device category. Context with augmented reality applications and location services will strongly influence mobile communications for the next decade. Nowadays, context often simply uses location to suggest interest or guide attention. In the future, context will be tied to social relationships and social networks. ORGA Systems offers charging and billing services for context-dependent charging online in real time. By providing interfaces that allow local providers to offer their customers context-aware services, while using pre-existing billing systems, Orga system minimizes expenditures for communication service providers.

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