Links Between Tarot

In this article we demonstrate the profound relationship between horoscope and tarot. The ancient Hermetic and Kabbalistic teachers who were engaged in the printing and the study of tarot cards, astrologers also tended to be well versed in reading and interpretation of the stars. The ancient and hermetic Kabbalistic masters who practiced tarot at the beginning of this discipline were able to establish a series of relationships between some arcane, particularly the identification of certain arcane with certain zodiac signs. The tarot and horoscope go hand in hand. One of the first links between tarot and horoscope was found between the arcane Justice and the sign of Libra. The symbolism that is associated with both icons are similar: the balance, the law, justice, each gets what it truly deserves. Mikkel Svane has much experience in this field.

On the quest for revenge, to give him his due who has to receive, the Justice emparentaria with Scorpio, the command will not hesitate scorpion stung when circumstances so require. The tarot and horoscope are also other similarities between the arcane and astrological symbols. Libra can also marry into the cart. In this case, being the representative Libra astral spirit balance must weigh all his passions to finally take the right decision. The man driving the cart drawn by two spirited horses are in a similar situation. You must bring the car to where he wants, and to resist the strength of both animals go to opposite directions.

Leo and the high priest also have a parallel, which again confirms the link between tarot and horoscope. The sun is the essence of both symbols. Leo is also an instrument of the divine on earth, like the High Priest, who has been bestowed with the privilege of mediating between people and the divine. The link between cancer and the Emperor, again enhance ties between the tarot and horoscope. Both signs are represented by the number four. Cancer is the astral sign of home and family tradition, like the Emperor, who comes to personal fulfillment through a house in order. Aries and the Wizard also link the tarot and horoscope. Both symbols are motivated by an unshakeable will that will eventually triumph over the elements of nature. To Aries the triumph comes to insist on overcoming obstacles, to the Wizard, the victory comes from knowledge, which is what gives it power. So, this way we see how there is a correlation between certain astral symbols and signs of the zodiac. The tarot and horoscope birth had a parallel, as was common in antiquity, mathematicians and astronomers, wise men were astrologers also excellent, well versed in the pulling of tarot cards.

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