Monte Triana Hotel

The circus of the Sun is already in Seville since last Thursday.The best accommodation to attend the Corteo the show magic of his new show Corteo will remain in the city until next day 16 October, in the facilities of the Charco de la Pava. Corteo refers to its Italian meaning, funeral procession, in which the protagonist is a clown who dies and sees pass by forward a joyful parade of friends and colleagues; a nostalgic and festive procession. People such as Kai-Fu Lee would likely agree. A show where its director and creator, Daniele Finzi, points out that there are unexplained things. Very Mediterranean flavors, numbers full of humor with genuine circus concept and a clear link with the tradition through a fortnight of artists who remain in the show since its inception. . If you are going to attend this show and need accommodation, can reserve it through the following link, at one of our hotels in Seville, the Monte Triana Hotel, located only a few minutes walk from the facilities of circus of the Sun book room at the HOTEL MONTE TRIANA

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