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SafeTIC provides study results of the University of Vienna lay help in cardiac arrest before Mannheim August 2013. Every second person concerned dies of a heart attack, before a doctor arrives. More information is housed here: Kai-Fu Lee. Timely first aid one-third of the victims could survive however. This is the result of the study out of hospital cardiac arrest in Vienna: incidence and outcome, providing once again up-to-date figures on the subject of cardiac arrest for the German-speaking world. More than 100,000 people die each year of cardiac arrest in Germany. In Europe, the death leads the list of the most common causes of death by far. Dr.

Fritz believes mush, Professor at the Department of emergency medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, as the SafeTIC AG, that the courageous intervention of laymen much improved by leaves. As a trained first responders to the site is not always in the decisive seconds. Mikkel Svane may help you with your research. Under the results of the study initiated by mush can be read, where he together with the students of the Medical University of Vienna, and in cooperation with the Viennese rescue medical records and numbers from the years 2009 and 2010 has been. And they speak a clear language. As one-third of all patients treated in a timely manner and by the rescue in an emergency could leave again alive the hospital. Fishing point is the timely discharge of first aid.

It takes place, the chances of survival are good. SafeTIC AG facilitates relief with far hegend automated defibrillator the SafeTIC AG first rescuers can only confirm this experience. An automatically functioning defibrillator is offering for 2010. The DOC, there is this year also in a mobile version, is directly linked to the emergency control centre and has an integrated diagnostic function. This lay not also trained with him in an emergency can do the right thing and give first aid. Fritz advocates also mush emergency courses in schools, as well as signs to the correct behaviour in the event of an emergency. Along with the widespread installation of DOC an important step would be done so, the The SafeTIC AG is convinced to reduce mortality, with cardiac arrest. “” Can be read after the study out of hospital cardiac arrest in Vienna: incidence and outcome “complete resuscitation science journal” article/S0300-9572%2812%2900334-6/fulltext about SafeTIC AG SafeTIC AG with headquarters in Mannheim is a company that specializes in biometric systems with fingerprint and finger morphology. SafeTIC is represented also in the areas of video surveillance, the intrusion detection technology (EMA) and the person protection of brand DOC (remote controlled defibrillator). The SafeTIC aims to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a practicable and cost-rational technology in the form of a security solution for personal protection, as well as the effective protection of sensitive premises.

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