Same Alcohol

Simultaneously, the changing nature of sensations – from the pain at the moment of orgasm to it, and the total absence of blunting. Julia Koch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Instead of relaxing and satisfaction, a strong aversion to weakness and partner. Further develop persistent erectile dysfunction, which manifests itself not only by the lack of emotional attraction and desire for sexual intercourse, but also all sorts of avoiding situations where a claim may be followed by women in intimate relations. Persistent sexual dysfunction recorded in 30-50% of alcoholic patients at the initial stage and at later stages of this level has already reached 80-90%. There is another side to the negative effects of alcohol on the male body: under the influence of alcohol sex glands produce defective germ cells. Changing their number and even a moderate alcohol for only one year, the total number of sperm decreased from 180 to 140 million in 1 ml.

In addition, the sperm under the influence of alcohol often have a variety of abnormalities – no head, tail, the change structure of the body – and they are not able to fertilize an egg. If fertilization occurs, then the fertilized eggs usually die, or (rarely) give a defective offspring. Usually, after 7.6 months of the introduction of alcohol in the rat stops playback of sperm, seminiferous tubules die, the tissue swells, and in between a male becomes infertile. At the same time often develop symptoms characteristic of female body (breast growth, reduction of body hair), due to the suppression of alcohol male hormone (testosterone) and the partial transformation of the female (estrogens). Reduced secretion male sex hormone and increase in the female hormone under the influence of alcohol is accompanied by a gradual change in the external appearance of a man. This is called the feminization: the emergence of female secondary sexual characteristics. Changing the distribution of fat in the subcutaneous fat layer, it begins to be deposited by the female type: the thighs, chest, along the bottom seal on the stomach (while men fat should be postponed mainly above the navel).

Reduced muscle tone, muscles become flabby, his cheeks droop, there are bags under his eyes. Hormonal imbalance in women with regular alcohol consumption also leads to a change in her appearance – masculinity, which manifests itself in violent, unfeminine, angular movements, the voice becomes lower, husky. Decreases desire to please, weakens the mother's sense, there are menstrual irregularities. The effect of alcohol on the sex glands and the pituitary gland leads to male and female infertility. Prolonged exposure to alcohol not only inhibits sexual maturation, prevents the proper function of sexual glands and the development of germ cells, inhibits and distorts the menstrual cycle, but also often leads to permanent weight loss (weight) of the ovaries, uterus and vagina. In women, alcohol sexual dysfunction occur more rapidly and more deeply than men. Menopause occurs in chronic alkogolichek 10-15 years earlier than non-drinking women. Diminished sexual function, lost emotional reactions there is cold during sexual intercourse. Sexual life too early for them to lose their meaning, are often violated and fertility, as well as internal demand for children. Of the reproductive system depends health of future children, ie future generations, so it is important to address the root causes of dysfunction, that is, the treatment of alcoholism. After recovery from alcoholism about 40% of men are sexually inferior and can not have a full-fledged offspring, and 45% of men in general lost the ability to engage in sexual intercourse.

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