State Historical Museum

Ancestors of modern safes – trunks and chests – were a mandatory attribute of life is not only rich people and the nobility. They contain jewels and ornaments, money and securities, daily utensils and clothing. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. In addition, the trunks were full-fledged piece of furniture. So, at the State Historical Museum, kept a chest-restraint with beveled lid, which was used as a pillow. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. Often decorated chests wrought-iron lace patterns, painted in bright colors and gold. With time becoming increasingly important functionality, and exterior decorations of faded into the background – there were all-metal chests puzzling locks and bars.

So, gradually, the safe was a man's life, ensuring the preservation of its values. It is curious that the King of France Louis xvi was trained by forging metal and making locks and devote favorite engage in a long time. Particularly proud of the king of iron a hidden cabinet, which he built into the wall and used for storage of their personal papers. It was probably the only safe in history, made the highest singular. Today, all over the world are produced and sold dozens of different types of safes. Many manufacturers and suppliers seeking to meet the specific demands of customers, adorn their products with metal swirls or patterns that should give safes "classic look". Today there is a safe, upholstered with velvet, precious wood, made to meet the requirements of modern design and decorated with a book on the shelf. Technical progress and development of new economic spaces has led to an increase in demand for safes that can withstand not only the break-ins, but also fire influence. A large number of fakes forced develop standards, as well as committees and commissions, who would monitor compliance. A number of owners of safes meanwhile has been steadily growing

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