The Spiritual

However, since not only speak French. Popular wisdom, which is known to crystallize centuries, is reflected in different sayings, and here is one of them: 'My husband – the head of the family, and his wife – her neck is: to want, go and turn'. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kai-Fu Lee. If we turn to our roots, we find that in Kabbalah, which examines the forces that govern our world, states that the foundation of all is the feminine! What does it mean? It is very simple. Our desire – it's vital energy, through which we live and develop. These forces, ie to create the universe desire – the feminine gender. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. Therefore, in our world these desires come from the women (yes we know, women do not know!). Since the inception of our world desires have evolved from the need to have your own home, a roof over his head to the quest for money, power, knowledge.

They are, as stated in the Kabbalah, passing through the female part of humanity, then picked up her male half, which implement them. That is, men take the women's desires as a guide to action and begin to build, achieve, realize. In principle, every woman knows it. She instinctively feels, how big its influence in the family, the promotion man, his success or, conversely, the failures in some cases. If wife shared his aspirations, help and support, his victory 'not far', he will achieve everything. And the vivid example of this – wife of Russian players who, wanting to win their husbands, helping them in this difficult ways, freeing up many of life's problems, inspiring confidence and ambition. And their desire to make his case.

This shows how everything that happens in our world, to a large extent depends on the woman. That's what we have, women, a huge and wonderful role! Recently, the desire in our world came to a new level – people have a desire to know the spiritual world. Not one that we used to call spiritual, based on religious performances, cultural traditions, moral dimension, and so on, but quite another. Feel it is possible only if there is a need for knowledge of the foundations of the universe, the foundation of our life, the causes of all our ills and troubles. When there is a desire to explore the Higher management system, understand the root cause of all that is happening in our world and learn to live in joy and harmony, in conjunction with it. Women instantly grasped this new category of desire. It so lately a lot of women have discovered Kabbalah, felt it necessary. But this desire, like all others, can be realized only male part (well, just like in football!).

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