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Toshiba Notebooks

Here's everything you need: 1. Your Toshiba laptop 2. Formatted diskettes (720 Kb or 1.44 Mb) 3. The second computer (eg computer friend) with an installed dos 4. Shestandtsatirichny editor (for example, Norton DiskEdit or Disk Editor, a built-in dos … Continue reading

Increase Productivity

Facial recognition systems are used more and more for all kinds of purposes. It is important to know that one of its possible applications is to increase the productivity of an organization. Control of inputs by facial recognition system is … Continue reading


Y2K is the name that has been given to the same you and so renamed the year 2000 problem. Almost everyone knows what it is, but repeat it: the famous problem consists that, very probably, when we come to the … Continue reading

The Lost War

Mexico this fighting of a war lost, there is no other way to put it. No matter that so many drug traffickers our President put behind bars new ones will emerge to take their place, thats a fact. However not … Continue reading