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Network Marketing

All distributors have that possibility to recruit more distributors, then you have the opportunity to create a large network of distributors. For example, if you recruits to a dealer, he would be your 1st level (son), when it recruited to … Continue reading

Executive Channel

Social networks have become the channel par excellence for institutional communication. By social networks, we not only mean to Twitter and Facebook. There are a number of possibilities, which can be exploited, and whose use we will result in one … Continue reading

Projectors Home

Today, the situation changed the other way around. In the segment of large diagonals already superb plasma tv at a very affordable price. The operating principle of a plasma panel based on the special glow of the phosphors, located in … Continue reading

Project Mercury NASA

he Space Shuttle Program was designed primarily as a successor to the Apollo missions to give NASA a manned space program in the decade of the 80s.NASA wanted to lower costs and needed a multifunctional hall. One of its uses … Continue reading