Monthly Archives: May 2015

Prevent Loss Information

Electrical network failures or poor quality of current delivered can cause a failure in the computers not only at the hardware level but at spoiling software components causing loss of information (corrupt files). To avoid such errors and prevent rapid … Continue reading


Everyone who ever wanted to do airbrushing, sooner or later face a similar question. What do I need to have, so I can start drawing? What to draw, how and what to eat this? Here I will try to list … Continue reading

Mailboxes In The Modern World

I would like to reflect on a little need of such subject as a mailbox. Recently, the computer is becoming more necessary thing in any home, and the Internet held in almost every apartment. Speeding up the pace of life. … Continue reading

New Data On The Phishing

Current statistics to the development of the phishing fraud in 2007 he was known a few years only computer experts, has become by now almost the epitome of cybercrime against current account user the term phishing. The procedure is usually … Continue reading

The Sign

It is true that, technically, these glyphs have a certain relationship with painting. In both cases, we work of the same type of signal: that is done on a medium that may be identical (wood, paper, rock, wall, etc..), Even … Continue reading