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Digital Communication

S7.NET is a free network of freelancers and agencies in the area of digital communications a variety of project sizes and orientations can be realized precisely. The advantages of the network are combined with the commitment of a contact person … Continue reading

Schweinfurt Network

Emerson Network Power provides innovative solutions and maximum expertise for DC and AC power supply, power distribution and control and monitoring and connectivity. Also in the fields of precision air conditioning systems, integrated racks and systems as well as embedded … Continue reading

Mobile Network Operators Cobranding Customer

GlobalHumax Ltd. presents new product on the co-branding market for its own telephone network GlobalHumax Ltd. makes it now possible, to provide their own telephone network co-branding interested companies. Here, the carrier of the SIM-card, where the card is attached, … Continue reading


It is here where we stop to analyze this and see that when we pass those moments of anguish, anxiety, pessimism (when in reality we were experiencing good times of life), it means the moving pendulum changed direction. And to … Continue reading

Escape (key)

Redirected from Escape key)Escape Esc key was created by Bob Bemer. Labeled Esc or Escape as is generally used to generate the ASCII escape character, whose number is 27, this character is generally used to generate an escape sequence. It … Continue reading

Built-In Schedulers

Built-in scheduler allows you to run a scan while the computer is idle. Update the virus database is supported. The disadvantage of this utility are: lack of function for checking incoming e-mail (check only the outbound traffic). Avira Personal AntiVig … Continue reading