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And you could say it, but if I read all the books that talk about the law of attraction, and the authors say that they make this or that statement and after a few days the order or made desire … Continue reading

Bridal Accessories

As soon as you have said yes to the big question, his mind starts to think of how you want your day of wedding to be and the choice of a wedding dress. Of course, you probably has been thinking … Continue reading

Facebook Makes Changes

Facebook makes changes with the button the community I like late February Facebook more large planet informs us of a new change. This time in one of its most used by users, functions button I like, which from this week … Continue reading

Meteorology & Weather Forecast

The art of weather reports & weather forecasts what is only accurate? The rule or the barometer? Sun on new year’s day really has to do something with the harvest? Or the weather conditions at the Epiphany about the amount … Continue reading