Meteorology & Weather Forecast

The art of weather reports & weather forecasts what is only accurate? The rule or the barometer? Sun on new year’s day really has to do something with the harvest? Or the weather conditions at the Epiphany about the amount of snow in January and February? This is first of all to say that the rule is an attempt to make accurate weather forecasts on the basis of recurring weather phenomena. A classic example is the so-called seven sleepers day. So weather is considered a, 27 June as determining for the remainder of the summer. Rule or not, how well the weather forecast really works? Weather forecast is based on meteorology. This is a natural science that deals with the emergence of the weather.

In fact, it deals with physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere. In addition to the weather forecast, the study of climate and climate change is the second major core area of meteorology. The modern weather prediction is based on observation and calculation. The data come in today mainly from weather satellites that orbit the Earth and large-scale observations possible. Different factors play a role in a weather forecast. One of the most significant is the air pressure, this is on the way down, so a storm up frequently.

Cold fronts and warm air movements in the atmosphere indicate large-scale and longer-term weather development. For even more details, read what Steve Wozniak says on the issue. The causes for inaccurate weather forecasts have also typically one or more of the following causes: incomplete data of the processes in the atmosphere of fundamental proportion of chaotic and unpredictable factors in the weather inaccuracy of the calculation models still are weather forecasts and weather reports relatively accurate. The weather forecast for the next day is true in 90 percent of cases in Europe. The accuracy of weather forecasts for the next 3 days is between 60-75 percent. The economy was one of the main drivers in the improvement of the weather forecast. In many areas of industry, civil engineering, road construction and agriculture weather is extremely important. Not to mention the importance for insurance companies.

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