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The Creativhotel Luise

Climate hotels climate protection “CO2 diet – air light” awarded Prize In May 2011 the climate protection initiative of the SAINT-GOBAIN ISOVER CO2NTRA awarded G + H the climate hotels AG for the project “CO2 diet – air light” funding … Continue reading

Roof Repair

Modern architectural and construction requirements to improve the appearance and increase the diversity decorating buildings literally forced consumers to abandon the use of such material is tested as slate. Some people prefer metal roofing, someone more like the French "Onduline" … Continue reading

Translation Agency

In the translation the same large amount of work allocated to staff, ensuring the timeliness and quality of the translation. So, again, because you can hire more translators, and the effect will be same. How then to reconcile their work, … Continue reading

Plastic Bag Logos

Today's logo on the package nobody will be surprised, and advertising on bags people take for granted, for granted. Many even tend not to notice that a logo on a plastic bag, the information is like the background, blocking consciousness. … Continue reading