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Market Property Valuation

At this time, an independent assessment of the property remains one of the most popular types of assessment activities included the identification of the market value of the property or individual rights with respect to appraised the property, such as … Continue reading

Marketing Plans

In accordance with Corra and Gianesi, this is the condition becomes that it each more important day, had to the corporative turbulences and the increasing demand for better services. MPS? Planning Master of the Production the MPS, or Planning Master … Continue reading

Market Value Apartments

Real estate appraisal – the definition of the market price of different kinds of rights to property on that object. Real estate appraisal includes an assessment of many parts: layout, size, location, distance infrastructure, the state finishes, floors, house type … Continue reading

Electronic Marketing

The number of messages that the subject is companies has increased in the Internet. According to Gordon (1998, p.30), ‘ ‘ when the customers complain are signal of a process damaged in some point of the businesses. Perhaps this has … Continue reading