Market Value Apartments

Real estate appraisal – the definition of the market price of different kinds of rights to property on that object. Real estate appraisal includes an assessment of many parts: layout, size, location, distance infrastructure, the state finishes, floors, house type and so on. Assessment of pursuing an independent appraiser, which specifies the amount of damages, agreed to pay the insurance company determines the amount of compensation insurance. An assessment of houses and flats is required in obtaining a mortgage, transfer of property under pledge to the bank. The evaluation report is declared an official document, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service in the calculation of income tax individuals and property insurance companies in determining insurance compensation, the court in clarifying the size of the payments. To assess the home or apartment needs the following documents: certificate of state registration rights to an apartment or house, contract for social renting is not privatized apartments or houses, deed of gift, sale agreement, other document by which one can obtain a certificate. Assessment of Commercial Real Estate needed in cases of renting or buying facilities and premises.

Commercial real estate – it's retail, office, industrial, warehouses. Valuation of commercial real estate requires that certain documents: documents on the land; BTI, a certificate of registration of property rights; paper on the initial and residual value of the building, passport information for individuals, for legal persons – address, information about the form organization, BIN, name, details of encumbrances, cadastral plan. Performed an assessment of the time of receipt of income, lack of income risk, a useful commercial real estate. Business valuation is conducted for transactions for mortgage business, closing or restructuring the business, for investment, the purchase and sale of the business and its shares for the calculation of insurance. An appraiser may be an activity of the company, the purpose of evaluation, the value assets. Usually carried out two types of business valuation: to assess the value of the business and legal transactions. In the first case must purchase an official evaluation report, which increases the cost estimates. Evaluation Business is a special procedure, so to carry it out is to approach seriously.

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