Built-In Schedulers

Built-in scheduler allows you to run a scan while the computer is idle. Update the virus database is supported. The disadvantage of this utility are: lack of function for checking incoming e-mail (check only the outbound traffic). Avira Personal AntiVig not much inferior to paid counterparts – a huge database of viruses (150 thousand), high speed and adequate response to known and unknown viruses. Also popular, and quite decent results, among the free antivirus is Avast! Home Edition 4.8.

The youngest in a family of antivirus software from alwil Software is completely free. But when it is installed must register at the site of the developer and get the license key, which is valid 14 months (after the expiration it can also be obtained free of charge again). The program interface is translated into Russian. Functionally Avast! has almost all the necessary capabilities. Monitoring (including instant messengers and P2P traffic), demand scanning, checking e-mail, the definition of malicious software as a signature-based, and by heuristic analysis. Customize resident protection module and scan files as possible by hand in a detailed menu and change the slider position, responsible for some protective mechanisms. Program supports the automatic updates of virus databases. Another advantage of the anti-virus – generator replacement database (VRDB), which helps to restore files in case of contamination and spoilage of the virus. (A valuable related resource: Robotics).

Not available in Avast! Home Edision only protect your pc from spyware adware (spyware and adware) and blocks malicious scripts on web pages. Also worth noting is the lack of opportunities to work from the command line. Unfortunately, I am personally with some then, both the above mentioned anti-virus package no longer hold. Often, restoration of the lost from a backup – the best, and possibly the only affordable way to save valuable information. There are situations where urgently needed to check the files for malicious code, but do not have my protection programs, or do not have time to install it. A recent original solution – online antivirus. Them as usually produce the same firms that are developing similar paid programs. Here a mutual benefit: the producers do advertise their products, but users have the opportunity to quickly scan files, and completely free. Online Antivirus is usually limited to functional, and the verification of large files is either impossible or inconvenient (because the file will have to start the download) by for emergencies ideal solution. One of the most, perhaps, convenient and integrated services is a Virus Total (www.virustotal.com / ru). After loading the suspicious file, the system checks it once in 1936 against a variety of antivirus software manufacturers, and with maximum fresh databases that are updated in real time. After a few seconds (broadband access) is issued by a handy table containing a list of programs that scan a document, its version, date anti-virus and outcome. Among the more useful features – the possibility to transfer files via e-mail, and a special utility that allows you to send documents by using the shortcut menu 'Explorer'. In each of these cases there is a limit on file size – 10 mb. Also, the very popular online antivirus from 'Kaspersky Lab' / virusscaner, which can be used in two ways: check specific files or scan your hard drive. In the first case, the document is limited to only 1 mb. For the mass scanning of files allowed the establishment of archives in format zip, rar, arj and others, in their scope, too, should not exceed 1 mb

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