Alexander Tryuhana

For example, road repair "eats" Most of the budget and for purchasing equipment remains low. Often, when planning the room is not considered the possibility of expansion and new equipment have no place to place. Robotics may not feel the same. Divide hair hall men and women is inefficient – in the fashion style of "unisex" to better organize a separate room for the reception are very demanding customers. Often expensive interior design "not working" on the target audience – it means money wasted. So elegant minimalism preferable expensive "frills." Many of the concerns for the organization of salon business will be able to take on consulting agency.

And the cost of 'sighting' start with the help of experienced Specialists may be justified – at the cost of avoiding costly mistakes. Our case options for beauty salons (see 'Selection of object ") can be set. The most common and least expensive – Salon economy class. Let's try to simulate the opening of business in this segment of the market 'beauty'. ImageZavedenie 7 jobs (see also the 'Hardware' on p.112) equipped with inexpensive furniture and accessories produced in Poland, Italy and Ukraine. According to the manager of firm 'Kosmotreyd Alexander Tryuhana is the optimal set for the interior economy class, designed for high flow is not the most demanding customers. Equipment beauty parlor might cost approximately EUR2, 5 thousand to equip the operating room for manicure and pedicure will take an average of EUR1, 5 thousand Well, no tanning can not do even the cheap stores – the Dutch 'artificial sun' cost EUR5, 5 thousand way, buying a solarium, experts say, raises the profitability of the passenger compartment at 10-15%.

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