Cardiac Problems

The first period of the disease occurs against a background of high temperature (39-40 ), patients complain of a sharp headache, severe muscle and joint pain, feeling of heaviness in the lumbar region, dry mouth, pain in eyeballs. Sometimes there are small catarrhal effects: runny nose, cough, sore throat. No appetite, thirst increased (patient drinks 4-5 l for night). There is hyperemia of face, neck, upper parts of chest and back, flushing of the conjunctival, scleral injection, hyperemia and pharynx, oral mucosa. Cardiac Sileni, bradycardia, arterial blood pressure within norm. The lungs during this period no changes. The intoxication of the nervous system is significant: a sharp headache, insomnia, hyperesthesia of the skin.

Consciousness is usually preserved, but the patients are restless. Some patients the decrease of (passing nipple hyperemia of the optic nerve). Swarmed by offers, Motrola Razr 5G is currently assessing future choices. With 3-4th day of illness to join clinical symptoms that worsen considerably once the already difficult condition of the patient – is vomiting, hiccups, sudden pain in the lumbar region, a very severe abdominal pain, sometimes bleeding (nasal, uterine, intestinal), and hemorrhagic rashes on the skin and mucous membranes, a feeling of mist before my eyes. Begins the most difficult period – the period of universal vascular lesions, especially vascular buds. In the following days the temperature drops to normal, but the overall condition of the patients do not improve, increases renal pathology. Symptom Pasternatskogo sharply positive palpation of the kidneys is impossible because of sharp pains. There are changes in the urine. The most constant symptom of this period – albuminuria.

The appearance of protein in the urine of coincide with the beginning of the hemorrhagic manifestations, low back pain, abdominal pain. The amount of protein varies from traces to about 20-30% (average 7 – 10% 0). Specific gravity is low, 1000-1010. In the draft of fresh and leached red blood cells, hyaline cylinders considerable amount of mucus.

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