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Trace a cell phone is a reality, and anyone can do it from the internet for a few dollars.As with most new technologies, it has created controversy.Some people think that this software to track a cell phone is as an invasion of privacy, while others believe that it is the best application to protect their money and their families. The positions of morales on track a cell phone, are always subjective and depends on the point of view of each person.However, the facts are not subjective.The facts are objective, and now I want to check some facts about the software to track a cell phone, so you have a better understanding of what really is. Possibly the most common mistake about this software is that it can be used to spy on anyone.This is not true.Software can only be installed on a mobile phone of your property, and even so, it is necessary to have connected to a computer for at least a few minutes.Possibly one of your friends can provide your phone Mobile for a quick call, but certainly not going to let you take her home.And their neighbors or strangers definitely not will give you your cell phone simply because Yes. The first error is closely linked with the second: that the software to track a cell phone is illegal. Once again, this is not true.This software is sold commercially and is available to anyone over the Internet. With these two points clarified, it is a little easier to understand who are the three groups of people who buy this technology: parents, employers who pay for mobile phones to their employees and spouses who think that they are being deceived. The software not only allows you to trace a cell phone, also allows you to monitor the activities of mobile telephony, such as calls made and received, incoming and outgoing texts, and locate the mobile on Google Maps.

It is easy to understand why each of these groups are interested in obtaining this software: the parents want to know where their children are and who you are dealing with. Employers want to make sure that you are not paying for private calls. And finally the spouses who think that they are being cheated and want to know the truth. Original author and source of the article.

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