Entrepreneurial Project

Any noble undertaking seems impossible initially. Thomas Carlyle. Dedicated to: Abraxas Sosa. Who not only to overcome physical barriers but the mental and completed their projects. We are living times unbeatable.

Most of us know that we live in the information age and we have read in several parts the phrase that information is power. It may be. I say this because find me it relative. I.e., like many things in life it depends on the domain that you have. Worth a personal example: before said it was ignorant because it lacked knowledge I have information; now I consider myself ignorant by having both knowledge and information. Where is the key to balance: in stock. (also as you’ve read this sentence).

What prevents us from acting? You’ve also read many possibilities: syndrome analisis-paralisis, lack of planning, of conviction, clarity in dreams, of having little faith, of not wanting to pay the price, lack of experience, any input? I have tried to find that point of origin of the why (title personnel and not therefore ceases to be valuable information), we cannot specify our dreams. In reflection I’ve discovered that the undertaking of such or which project sees sentenced to succeed, from the conception of the idea or failing. That is what happened to me. Let me explain: maybe an idea occurs to me. I adopt this idea and put hands to work. However, failure. Why? Simply because it wasn’t the right time to start this project. I mean by this that we strive to archive our intuition and therefore give shelve our project. So we pay a little more, to our mediocrity. I repeat, maybe we have mastery of tools, we are committed to our dreams, we have the necessary resources, and still not achieve anything. What is, therefore, that part of our being that we block? Why it costs us so much work change our habits? Why not we maximize the benefits offered by life? I have so many questions and few answers. Perhaps due to the approach. Finally, we must take the fierce determination not to contaminate us with noises. So that you have a good start such entrepreneurship, it is necessary to live it and display it correctly; that’s one of the keys to success. Be honest and humble with our own to be. How many projects I’ve started and left unfinished? Few ventures have I specified? Can I finalize a project? I look forward to your opinion.

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