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Like the future playstation 4, the rumor of the week in the world of the video games places for the 2011 year a renewal of the console that has revolutionized the social aspect of video games, the nintendo wii. It is not the first time that you hear about the fetish of Nintendo console will change, but the improvements that are expected of it remain more or less the same. Well, the future Nintendo Wii HD Wii 2 must incorporate a local storage system, whether based on hard disk or flash memory, or course, support for video in high definition. It will therefore be 2011 date chosen by nintendo to upgrade or renew the console that has given him so much success over the past years, and finish with enhanced features and power the Aventura decided to embark on a path that nobody had taken so far, the of being different, attract new players who so far had not come to a console, and animate the market with most console games to download interactive and new controls for those video games. Although the Nintendo Wii HD future no longer a rumor, that the year past Nintendo investment in research and development has tripled compared to 2003, it means that there is something new in what they are currently working. It is the title of an ambitious campaign of advocacy and outreach to educate citizens on the importance of acquiring healthy habits such as proper nutrition and regular practice of physical activity. This initiative is part of the actions that are carried out within the comprehensive Plan for physical activity and Sport (a + d Plan) of the Superior Sports Council, which aims to universalize the practice of sport among the population; of the NAOS strategy, promoted by the AESAN, and initiatives that drive from Alimentum and young sports foundations.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest rate of obesity and overweight among the population in general and, in particular, among children. In addition According to the latest survey of sports habits of the Superior Council of sports, only 43% of the population performs physical activity on a regular basis. A few weeks ago published the report Bernat Soria (coordinated by the former Minister of health), which denounces the Spanish health system suspends in prevention. He notes the importance that has invest in prevention policies to try to tackle, for example, these epidemics, recommending starting up programmes of awareness and detection of unhealthy habits. According to this report, Spain dedicated solely to preventing a 1.4% of GDP, compared to the average of all countries, which stood at 3.1 per cent. Previously, the economic and Social Council (CES) warned that health spending to grow and is expected that in the future will continue to grow due to the ageing of the population, the chronicity of diseases and new treatments. Among the measures of savings that arise, include those concerning the prevention of diseases, since many would be avoidable with appropriate forecast according to policies. The Spanish health system drags a deficit of 11 billion euros, which makes essential the implementation of campaigns and activities that aware people of the need to maintain a balanced diet and physical activity on a regular basis.

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