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Energy-saving hybrid systems are the trend against rising energy costs at some point every home owner faces the question: which heating system is for me and the future useful and efficient. An efficient heating system is a compact system, where it is done not to compare only the collected offerings and give the job the cheapest. Here is the question, what have the building and the user requirements that must be met. This includes a useful concept, which resists in the future with enormously rising energy costs first and foremost. ECO Marca is an energy system consisting of several heat generators (hybrid) that can determine the customer even after request, region or his wallet.(Solar PV, wood/pellets, gas, heat pump, etc.) Here the ECO Marca energy systems are extremely flexible.

Existing heat generators such as gas water heater, oil-fired boiler or district heating can be integrated perfectly with. The most important however is that most plants in the “interaction” the hydraulic side, strong neglected is out of ignorance. Here false pumps used to produce the sounds, as well as high electricity costs, because the systems are running against each other. Flows usually never fit, because they also not can be adjusted. A hydraulic leveling helps doing not much. The ECO Marca energy system with the optimum hydraulic technology used the energy at the highest level of efficiency.

Temperature spreads are ideal and can be represented in several steps without having a mixing of the temperatures of the different heat generator takes place. Eco Marca energy systems do not only all heat generators together, but also heat customers (underfloor heating, radiators, water stations, swimming pool etc.) The homeowner saves not only once again in addition energy by up to 40%, but also a large amount of material, what is required with conventional heating systems and lead to also heat and pressure losses. The plants are ideally suited for renovation of old buildings and the addition or Renewal in commercial or industrial businesses, where energy costs can be reduced extremely. ECO Marca turbines are highly promoted of the ACFA, the countries and communities, depending on the usage in multi-family homes, commercial or industrial, the promotion can be up to 50%. SRD project & Development

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