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FIDIS developed new release of factoring software FACT.pilot includes comprehensive risk information system version 3.0 and Web portal with customer information in real time with the version 3.0 has fidis, internationally leading provider of standard software for factoring companies on SAP-basis, the successful factoring software FACT.pilot significantly expanded. Most important new feature is a risk tool that not only discovered dangers, but also a quick response and control. Factoring service providers can thus secure their business better and simultaneously meet the extended provisions to the risk management and documentation. Other features of FACT.pilot 3.0 include a customer portal that provides information in real time, the ability to represent complex corporate structures, as well as support for the file format SEPA. The new risk management of FACT.pilot provides a comprehensive overview of all important key figures of the factoring holder.

There is a here striking changes signaled a traffic light function increased risk. Explains thus significantly increase Otto Johannsen, Managing Director of fidis GmbH can increase the risk of the factoring company fluctuations as in the sales and production figures can be an indication of a serious problem with the factoring workers”. Fast action is needed in this case.” When the traffic light is red, the risk tool prevents any further withdrawal. At the same time, it presents comprehensive information to diagnose the problem on the spot. Until the situation is clarified and documented in the system, can payments be unlocked by authorised users. Another feature of FACT.pilot 3.0 is a Web portal about factoring takers can see information about their operations.

The invoice processing or the payout is available for customers at any time and up to date. Decisive advantage for the factor: he needs no more writing to send the information and saves time and money. Also the support of the new banking standards SEPA means a considerable saving of time by FACT.pilot 3.0 for factoring companies.

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