Navigation System

Evaluate the refill station of your choice and we win a navigation system, navigating the refill market”is the motto of the current action, launched by the portal operator of refill-portal. Each user who submits an evaluation of our portal in the period from January to June 2009, will automatically draw a current navigation system”, describes the latest action Frank Ehlert, co-founder and operator of the trade portal. A practical quality judgment of the individual stations, resulting in the ratings of users who have found a refill station nearby at refill portal. These reviews complete the quality label introduced by the portal operator recently, which should also protect users from unpleasant surprises in an ideal way. We are sure that we make an important contribution to consumer education with our portal”as Frank Ehlert. The current action is a further step in the direction of quality improvement. Through the introduction of the Portal consumers have for the first time the ability to detect whether the refill station selected by them meets a predefined standard of quality at a glance. is the largest, vendor-independent portal for printer cartridges Refillstationen in Germany.

The database contains the most important and most relevant provider addresses of Refillstationen, sorted by locations, names and franchise affiliation. The portal brings transparency in the very heterogeneous market of the Refillstationen and provides direction and assistance printer owner searching for reasonable alternatives. Contact: QUINTACT for moving communication Frank Ehlert Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 162 14482 Potsdam Tel: 0331-50 50-896-fax: 0331-50 50 897 EMail: Web:

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