Before evidence of dealing with emotional loneliness one must do so safely, whereas some aspects which allow liberate us from the effects Negatives, not be caught by this situation that can lead to problems of greeting, psychic, affect our reason for being and intensely enjoy the opportunity to live – so, magazine, provides a few useful step to be taken into account; Diagnosis: what kind of solitude is which are experiencing and what circumstances to. Know us well. Let aside fear to look within ourselves and face the need to know how we are: our dreams and ambitions, limitations and fears, who I want to be, how I see, how I am outside the shyness. We take the initiative to get new relationships. We establish what people we are interested in, and produce a strategy to contact them. There is nothing to lose. The fear of rejection is a brake to engage new friendships or love affairs.

The goal is important, we do not walk with squeamishness. Without victimization. The world is sometimes cruel, vulgar and materialistic, agreed. But surely there are other people who may be willing to meet someone like us. Lock ourselves in ourselves is to recognize the defeat. Most loneliness hurts us, and we feel better to have with who speak, intimate and who to love.

We are not nearly as rare as we sometimes think. There is more to talk in depth and confidence with anyone to prove it. We can fill many people have very close to more people than we think and can be attractive. You can also add that we must not be trapped by the past, thereon stated, that if the past is what is taking us to feel loneliness in our life, we must forget the past, once and for all if maybe this was not very good, it is necessary that move us more into ourselves, taking advantage of the present intensely.

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