Open Directory Project

Why directories are important The Boards should play an important role in their SEO efforts, well, at least the great and important, for the following reasons why directories are important The Boards should play an important role in their efforts SEO, well, at least the big and important, for the following reasons: – Listings of directories provide "context" to search engines. For example, if your site is listed in the Open Directory Project under the category Pets – Pets Weird – Blue Cats, search engines will assume your site has something to do with blue cats. Your website and the pages will be indexed faster and might have a better ranking in search results for specific terms (in this case, "blue cats"). – Major directories (Yahoo! Directory, ODP, Jayde, etc) have very high rankings on the web and while obtaining a list of them non-reciprocal, paid or not, the page rank of your page benefit greatly. – The major directories are often replicated by other web sites (think of the PAO, with hundreds of copies) which means that an ad will appear somewhere in the directory of this scale, this will make listings across all replica sites, contributing their efforts and boost link popularity and ranking diapren is their website. – The ODP (Open Directory Project) feeds results to Google, AOL, Altavista, Lycos, Netscape – once again, a presence in the ODP can take your page far enough. Submitting to Directories As with most good things in life, it is necessary to make efforts to enter the directories of quality. .

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