Work limits me to do my job properly, to win me the salary, and point. Once again, it was circulating as a polo wolkswagen, although inside had a Ferrari. How many resources, talent, energy, capabilities, enthusiasm and ideas we are wasting in the companies by not knowing how to read people? Possibly not whether read, but want to read. Because we don’t want to do it in many cases. Da fear: trusting others is a risk and scary; bring out the potential of others is scary (what threat to my status); and above all, look at the people with these eyes involves a powerful inner shift work, and the dessert, complete modification of the paradigm of how direct companies and people. And that cuesta, and much!: effort, self-knowledge, learning, humility and self-criticism and action. And this we are scarce if we we take the trouble to inquire into the talent of every human being, from our children to our co-workers, to people in our everyday environment; If we rigieramos much more looking at the possible potential of the another, and not so much the performance evaluation, photon almost magic.

One person who was not to throw rockets, with the necessary support, in the right place and doing what for what is naturally endowed, it turns into a very important asset, in someone very profitable, a source of solutions of ideas, and above all in a much more done, full, autonomous and committed person who feels that they trust her and that confidence returns. So do you think if we made phrases and slogans comfortable? The talent is unnecessary and is there for those who know to look, or want to do so, and dares to see it, and currar it. And it is not an easy road: our ego and arrogance (finally and ultimately, insecurity in oneself) the missing self-leadership and above all, presence systematic and continuing fear of almost everything, stand once again. But it is worth. I think that much.

The talent is waiting for us, and is there. In fact, we can begin to recognize it in ourselves. What are your 3 major talents? do you use them? In the great Orchestra of the universe, each of us have come to play an instrument in particular, where you will find excellence tea encourage you look beyond the cover of the book, and see the diamond that is within each of us, of all. It is a win – win genuine and powerful, and goes far beyond what is evaluate what we are capable of doing: is a model of seeing the world, much more in keeping with the era that we live, and Enhancer of persons, and powerful and empowering relationships between them. We open ourselves to the no limits! and something much more humane and enriching. I invite you in the coming days when you see do to someone, instead of judging quickly, the next question: what lies behind the facade? What are your talents and your greatness? I assure you that it will be an enriching experience. Do you dare? Do many of us have tried others, to colleagues, friends and strangers without stopping us to? do look into that person? All have many virtues and only is a matter that we dare to look at others as we would like that we will look at us.

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