The first thing we need to do is choose a solid company, with products and services of very good quality and continuous, with an attractive compensation system use, which allows to have income in a short time and that the promotion system that used to be duplicable, so that anyone can repeat it. Speaking much currently network marketing or multilevel, large numbers of people have been involved in any or they have a family member or friend who is or was in one. Many speak good and evil, according to the results I have seen near them, some people are suspicious, others talk the shocking results of people who know but not seen doing this activity, the truth is that the MLM is not for everyone. Why? Skills and certain character traits are needed for good results, to enter the big leagues, as they say in the argot of the players, skills which if not developed leave the candidate with moderately acceptable results but that did not help to get the lifestyle you want or you they serve to fulfill their dreams, and I don’t only mean income, freedom and time availability are large profits that we can also get. Obviously, the first thing we need to know is all about products or services that we are promoting, learn about the compensation plan and bonuses offered by our company, and raise the prospects for opportunity, how to train them (for this is essential to have a system), how to take them to their first results.

If we observe, the foregoing is made easier if we have ability to communicate (if it is not, is a fundamental skill that must be developed to grow in our business), skills of relationship, being the MLM business with people, is very important to learn to interact appropriately with the members of our Organization. We need to have a determination to test everything (rejections, disinterest, lack of support from our uplines, critiques of our family and friends) and consistency in our daily activities on the basis of a plan of action. Analyzing what was said above, we realize that if you expect great results in our business of network marketing, we need to enter in a continuous process of development staff, constant enrichment, we need to become someone who inspires confidence, that helps others to achieve their goals through their own efforts, to discover within them the power to achieve their dreams. While it is true that it is not easy to have great results in an immediate way, as a smart and steady work is necessary, the reality is that important outcomes, autonomy and freedom of time with an investment that is within the reach of any person of average income can be obtained in any other business. The added value that we are going to get is that as we prepare to succeed in our MLM, we are going to improve our relations, we will increase our resources and skills, will improve our self-esteem and in general, are going to have a better relationship with ourselves. In conclusion. If we want to have great results in the multilevel, need to develop or incorporating communication skills, of relationship, of service, tempering our character in the fire of the constant, the search experience, and share… share, which enriches us more. I hope you will be useful what you’ve read, if so, share your experience with us.

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