Perfect Computer

Anyone can afford. What is it? As you can see it, the abstract, the ideal computer? What he can do, what would you like to see? Let's try to guess. It should have an aesthetic appearance and be comfortable (egronomichnym). Simply must be simple and straightforward. Fast and 'intelligence' systems of control (interface) as necessary, although many sacrifices for the sake of economy. Well.

If you go deep, but with you our 'Perfect Computer' to help solve the standard operating objectives: to create a document, spreadsheet, send e-mail, visit interesting places ('sites') in Internet. Chat with friends on instant text or voice communication. To listen to music and watch a movie. Perhaps play a little. This is where lies the seemingly insignificant complexity – not just a purchased a computer for anything above is not capable.

Programs need to install and, more importantly, to set up Internet access – get and hold, music and movies – to be able to run. Advertising, of which in our time it is impossible to hide, replete with 'favorable' suggestions – get chto0to right now, and you get … What is it? Gorgeous computer? Valid. The difficulty is that any computer is great THEORY. In certain abstract situation, if … behind him sits a professional. Statistical information: the average programmer spends up to three days to complete set up your computer by yourself. Just collected or purchased a car. THREE Days. Only after that it is capable of 'how to' perform … trivial task.

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